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Bio Energy Therapy Training Ireland

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About Us

Bio Energy Therapy Training Ireland

Our part-time diploma course prepares students for their professional career as a Bio Energy therapist and to provide the tools required to help set up your own business. Our part-time Certificate programme is designed for anyone with a keen interest in learning a healing therapy. It provides you with the knowledge base and skill set of a bio energy therapist and qualifies you to work on family and friends. The School is affiliated to BETA, Bio-Energy Therapists Association and FICTA, Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations.

Bio Energy Therapy Training

Our training courses contain the most up to date methods, techniques and structures to provide you with the optimum benefits of practicing and learning about Bio Energy Therapy.  Our Diploma course commences in October 2017 and concludes March 2018. The Certificate course commences in October 2017 and concludes January 2018. Click HERE to view the full prospectus with details of course fees, times and locations.

About Bio Energy

Bio energy works on physical, mental and emotional conditions. Bio energy therapy does not contravene any personal beliefs; it is not based on any religion but on the existence of energies within and outside the body which have been proven to exist. Alternative healing therapies are on the increase and their validity has been well established. Bio energy therapy is increasingly being recognised and regarded as a genuine alternative solution to wellbeing.